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Relax, rely a little less on yourself.

Trusting in your mind naturally evokes a sense of insecurity, because on some level you know how unstable and limited it is. The more in charge you try to be the more fear you experience, because on some level you know the ultimate control you are looking for is not in your hands. Even your heart is beating all on its own and that alone is a constant invitation to rely on something deeper than your own management.

Many of us are learning to trust ourselves more, but the funny thing is that we can not do this unless we trust EVERYTHING more. Trust is a total thing, and that is where the weighty role of ‘manager’ is lifted from your own individual shoulders. Life happens WITH you, not because of you.

Even though a sailor can’t control the wind or the sea he relies on them fully. He does not contradict his surroundings but moves in accordance with it. Would he trust his own doing MORE

than the wind, then he would get overbearing; trying to manage the elements and turn his sails up against the wind. He would not get far and exhaust himself when relying on himself TOO MUCH and relying on the wind too little.

You are like the sailor, having the wind of life in your sails all the time; needing much less effort than you might have thought. Relying a little less on yourself might give you some room to breathe and even to steer more boldly.

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