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Boundless Body

Boundless Body is a tangible exploration into the freedom that is always here, but not always felt.


The body is a loyal friend when it comes to reflecting where our original sense of lightness is obscured. Subtle movements open up an investigation into our deeper holding patterns, revealing any areas of effort against a background of natural effortlessness.


Via tactile sensing, we have the possibility of identifying and releasing the density that we may be used to carrying around. Liberating the joints, the breath, movements, and postures of any sense of effort, control, and separation; discovering moment to moment what it means to be intimately free is our focus here. 


This practice is fully inspired by and in celebration of the lineage of Jean Klein.


In this, I take to heart the most beautiful instruction I ever received:

"Offer the sensations to the space, and now: do nothing." 

 - Francis Lucille

Boundless Body is a wonderful combination together with TRE, SSP, and Presence Therapy. Especially in group sessions - weaving these modalities together as one exploration can really help to bring a new level of depth to meditation, therapy, and embodiment. 


Sculpture 'Sunshine'

by Sukhi Barber

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